Special Rolls



In:Spicy Tuna
Out:Yellowtail / P

Lemon Roll
In: Spicy Crab, Avo., Cucumber
Out:Seared Salmon /SM

Albacore Maniac
In:Shrimp Tempura, Crab, Asparagus
Out:Albacore, Avo./Spicy Ponzu

|Tiger Roll
In:Shrimp tempura, Avo., Crab
Out:Salmon, Eel/ E

Hot Kiss
In:Crab., Avo., Shrimp tempura
Out:Seared Salmon / P

Baked Lobster
** Baked Scallop
In: Crab., Avo. / SM, E
Out:Baby lobster(or Scallop)

Fugu’s Crispy
In: Spicy tuna, Crab., Jalapino,
Cream cheese / DF, SM, E

Sexy Roll
In:Scallop, Shrimp tempura
Out:SpicyTuna, Scallop / E

Pearl Roll
In:Real Crab, Soft shell Crab, Avo.
Out: Seared Tuna/ P

Mt. Soledad
In:Shrimp, Avo., Salmon, Crab
Out:Snapper / E

Fugu’s Roll
In:Shrimp tempura, Avo., Crab
Out:Softshell crab/ E,SM

Pink Roll
In:Asparagus, Spicy tuna
Out: Salmon/ SM

In:Crab, Avo., Eel /E, SM
Out: Spicy tuna, BakedSalmon

Holy Moly
In:Softshell crab, Avo., Cucumb.
Out: Albacore/ E, SM

Protein #1
*No Rice
In:S.tuna, Crab., Cucumb., Avo.
Out: Salmon/ P
Protein #3
*No Rice
In:Tuna, Yellowtail, Salmon,
Crab., Avo./Out: Cucumb./ P, D
B : Baked Avo. : Avocado
DF : Deep Fried Crab. : Crabmeat
SM : Spicy Mayo Sauce Cucumb. : Cucumber
E : Eel Sauce S. Tuna : Spicy Tuna
P : Ponzu Sauce  
D : Dressing Sauce  


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